Financial Aid Information

Graduate students frequently wonder whether they can get financial assistance from the department.  This is available to qualified students in a variety of forms:

  • Fellowships provide a stipend to our best entering students
  • Teaching assistantships provide a stipend in return for 20 hours work per week
  • Research assistantships are awarded by individual professors who have research funds to support graduate students; potential students should consult the web pages of individual faculty to determine whether they are seeking research assistants
  • General assistantships provide a stipend for students who work as graders, tutors, lab assistants, et cetera

In addition to the stipend, students receiving financial aid usually qualify for a waiver of a portion of the out-of-state portion of tuition.  Doctoral candidates also usually qualify for an additional remission of a portion of the in-state portion of tuition. All applications need to be submitted by Feb 15

All applicants who are accepted by Feb. 15 are automatically considered for financial aid for the following Fall Semester; students who wish to provide additional information can click the link below to fill out a Financial Aid Application with the department.

Some students are also able to find campus employment with other departments or research groups. 

To apply for financial aid from the Department of Computer Science, click here
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To learn more about financial assistance (Fellowships, Assistantships, Tuition Waivers and Remission), click here
To learn more about general University financial aid, click here
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