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An Incomplete Data Cube - Java Applet Instructions
A Data Cube Tool for Missing Data
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  1. Select a unit and measure for each dimension.
    • To select a measure, simply choose one from the list. For example choose `countries' from the Machine measures list, `months' from the Time measures list, and `pages' from the Page measures list.
    • Selecting a unit is a little more complicated because there are so many units. To pinpoint a unit it is usually best to choose a very coarse measure (say, `years'), drill down to retrieve all the units for that measure (`1995', `1996', `1997'), and then drill down within the year to get to the appropriate month (choose `1997' and drill down to get a list of months in 1997).
      • If the measures are loaded choose a measure for which you want the corresponding units to be loaded then selecting any measure will drill down to the units within that measure. For example, choosing years will load all the individual years.
      • If the units are loaded, but the unit is too coarse, choose that unit and the `drill down' option to get a list of finer units within the coarse unit. Alternatively, you can use a double click on the unit to drill down.
      • If the units are loaded, and it is a list of units you want, choose the unit you want, and the `unit OK' option.
      • If the units are loaded, but you want the measures loaded to select a coarser unit, choose the `reload measures' option.
  2. Once you have selected valid units and measures for every dimension try the `execute query' button. Use this button to submit your query. If there is not enough information in the cube to satisfy your query, the cube will let you know.

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