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XMorph Dependencies

The XMorph system is written entirely in Java and released as a NetBeans project. It has the following Java library dependencies.
  • Java 1.6 - XMorph code uses generics so you'll need to download Java 1.5 or higher.
  • Xerces SAX parser - The standard SAX parser has a well-knwon bug (runs out of memory on large files), so some other SAX parser has to be used to parse large files. We developed with Xerces 2.9.1. Add xercesImpl.jar to your NetBeans library.
  • ANTLR - We developed the grammar using AntlrWorks 1.2.3. Add antlrworks-1.2.3.jar to your library. You will also need the Antlr runtime library, version 3.1.3 or higher.
  • BerekelyDB - XMorph uses BerkeleyDB as the back end data store. Download the BerkeleyDB Java Edition and add the jar to your library.

Download Code

With the above JAR files in place, you can download a pre-release of version of XMorph, which is available as a NetBeans project: XMorph.tar.gz. Latest release version: Sep. 20, 2013.

We integrated XMorph into eXist 2.0. You can download the eXist virtual hierarchies code (eXistVDLN.tar.gz), which is open source, and written in Java. The experimental package for the SIGMOD experiments is located here (sigmod2014.tar.gz), it is 7GB.

Using XMorph

To run XMorph, use the top-level Ant taks in runxmorph.xml. The tasks execute XMorph pograms in the queries folder. XML data is in the xml folder.

A diagram illustrating the XMorph architecture is given below.

Unimplemented Features

We are still debugging XMorph and the following features are not yet fully tested and debugged.
  • XQuery tranlsation - We have deprecated this feature (never worked) in favor of integrating XMorph with XQuery through virtual documents.

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