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Bibliography on Incomplete Information in Databases
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Available from this site is an evolving bibliography of documents on uncertainty and imprecision in information systems.
  • Curtis E. Dyreson. A Bibliography on Uncertainty Management in Information Systems. Uncertainty Management in Information Systems: From Needs to Solutions. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997. pp. 415-458. PDF
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By uncertainty and imprecision in information systems, we mean the representation of and query support for information that is fuzzy, unknown, partially known, vague, uncertain, probabilistic, indefinite, disjunctive, possible, maybe, incomplete, approximate, erroneous or imprecise. Currently, the bibliography concentrates almost exclusively on database and knowledge-base systems, with few references on other kinds of information systems.

The references in this bibliography are organized into nine sections: surveys, null values, logic and deductive databases, fuzzy set and possibility theory, probability theory, query-level, schema-level, complexity, and miscellaneous. The sections loosely reflect some topics of past research. Papers that relate to a particular research area are listed in the relevant section. If a paper applies to more than one research area then it is cross-referenced in all the appropriate sections.

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