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Curtis Dyreson's On-line Software Demonstrations
Associate Professor, Utah State University
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AUCQL - Evaluate AUCQL queries on a canned database. The best way to approach this demonstration is through the examples. Familiarity with Lorel or SQL and semistructured concepts helps in formulating AUCQL queries.

AQUA and Jungle - Perform content-based search in three canned databases. Linas and Mike wrote and maintain AQUA and Jungle.

Incomplete Data Cube - Query an incomplete data cube. This has both a Perl and Java interface, but they are hard to use and understand. I wrote these back in 1996, when Java was not well-supported by Netscape, but now I'll have to write a real, nice visual interface.

Jumping Spider - Search our local pages. This is a WWW query language implementation that indexes concepts that span pages.

Educational software for the WWW - Try quizzes, surveys, and self-assessments. These have been battle tested by the students at JCU for the last four years (thanks everyone). Wrote these back in 1996, but now that the Web has evolved a bit, I'd like to write a better interface.

Boomerang - Tony and I did this back in 1995. The idea was a good one: use your own tags instead of HTML, and dynamically reconfigure the tags to render the content in HTML when the page is loaded (can we say style sheets and XML?). We based it on the sam editor, so you need to know sam commands to reconfigure.


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