Available only at JCU CS department.
Example Spreadsheet

About the spreadsheet

Example e-mail folder

To start the grader create a shell script, e.g.,, with the following:

/home/curtis/bin/perl/startreporter -out $1.html $1
You invoke it the same way, e.g.,
sh grades
where grades is the name of the mail folder containing grades, but now the will automatically generate a grades.html page, but not start netscape on it. This is so you can start netscape at your leisure (and bookmark the entry page if you like, so that you can reload it after doing a 'sh grades'). Note that the create page will have only your read privileges set, so only you can read it (the bookmark will be to a file:// type).

As usual, you can automatically generate the initial mail folder as follows

  ~cpced/bin/generategradeslist cpXXXX | mail -s "initial folder cpXXX"
where XXX is the subject code and YYYY is your login.