Research Thrusts

My three research thrusts are (1) Cybersecurity in Web, Social and Crowdsourcing Systems; (2) Big Data Analytics and Mining; and (3) Information Dissemination in Social Systems.

1. Cybersecurity in Web, Social and Crowdsourcing Systems

  • Detecting Social Spammers and Content Polluters
  • Strategic Campaign Analysis and Detection
  • Protecting the Web against Crowdsourced Manipulation
  • Filtering Misinformation and Spam in Real Time
  • Tracking, Revealing and Detecting Crowdsourced manipulation

2. Big Data Analytics and Mining

  • Expert Recommendation in Social Communities
  • Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining
  • Mining Spatio-Temporal Dataa
  • Analyzing and Mining Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Platforms

3. Information Dissemination in Social Systems

  • Information Propagation in Social Systems
  • Counter-Messaging Campaigns


This research has been generously supported by NSF, Google, Amazon, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in South Korea, and Utah State University.