CL-SAPHIRA: A Common Lisp API to the Saphira Robot Control System

CL-SAPHIRA is a Common Lisp API for Kurt Konolige's Saphira robot control system. More information on Saphira can be otained from, the web site of AcivMedia, Inc. ActivMedia, Inc is a company that manufactures Pioneer robots. It also owns and distributes Saphira.

CL-SAPHIRA includes both Lisp and CLOS API's to Saphira. CL-SAPHIRA allows a pioneer robot or a simulator to be controlled from Lisp. CL-SAPHIRA uses Allegro Common Lisp's foreign function interface to interact with Saphira and the robot.

A quick readme can be downloaded from here.

The zip archive with the source code and documentation can be downloaded from here.

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