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How To...

This page is a collection of How To articles that I have put together to explain various components of SCA bow/crossbow maintenance and use, including how to...


   Make a bowstring

   Make a really nice bowstring

   Make fellwalker crossbow bolts

   Make an aluminum crossbow prod and a typical prod data sheet in excel format

   Bind a crossbow prod onto the tiller

   Make a quiver

   Make and run Saint Pyre's Dreaded Gauntlet of Peril

   Paint your IKCAC target

Make some Foamie Fletching

Make a Dyed Silk Pennant


How to make an Artemisian War Board

How to make a boffer sword

Norman Shield pic



Useful Articles Found on Other Sites

How to Make a Siloflex Arrow/Bolt: A good page for the construction of siloflex arrows and bolts using omarad (rubber stopper) tips can be found at .

The Avacal SCA Combat Arrow Bolt Production Manual .

Deicyn's APD Instruction Guidelines (internal tab with routed channel) .

Another very good page on construction 'normal' UHMW blunts can be found on Lu-shan's website.

How to Make a Framea (Thrust-and-Throw Javelin): A good reference for building a throwing mace can be found at: .

How to Make a Throwing Mace: A good reference for building a throwing mace can be found at: .