Win a Crossbow


Win this Crossbow!


You, yes you, could be the lucky winner of this brand-spanking-new cherry Hightower HelmRocker crossbow, complete with bolt-making supplies,  to be given away in a drawing to be held at Harvest War on Saturday evening.

To raise funds for the shire, Côte du Ciel will be selling semiprecious stones at Troll for $1 each (okay; so they are really just squashed marbles, but they are probably semi-precious to somebody).  Each squashed marble comes with a numbered, dividable ticket.  You keep half the ticket.  The other half goes into a barrel.

Early Saturday evening, there will be a drawing in the glen and the number of the drawn ticket will be announced.  The holder of the ticket will have 120 seconds to present the other half of the ticket and claim the crossbow.  If no-one is able to provide the winning ticket, then another will be drawn and the process will repeat until a winner is found or all the tickets are gone.

The crossbow used for this fundraiser was donated by Hightower Crossbows, that fine purveyor of arbaletical devices.  Lend your support to the Shire of Côte du Ciel, and have your chance at fine crossbow to boot! 




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Last updated: July 19, 2003.